May 16, 2010, Kidney Walk, Franklin Park Zoo

Catching Joy was delighted to support the Kidney Walk today, May 16, 2010, at the Franklin Park Zoo. Catching Joy hosted the children’s activity table where kids and adults made cards for patients. The cards were given to the National Kidney Foundationm (NFK) and from there they will distributed to dialysis units. Catching Joy also had a great walking team and families enjoyed the two mile walk through the zoo.

Here are the numbers as of today: total donations collected online are over $186,000 fueled by 2000 participants and over 185 teams!! Catching Joy thanks everyone who participated and made a difference!

The Kidney Walk was a fun, inspiring, community fundraiser which called attention to the prevention of kidney disease and the need for organ donation. It was also an opportunity for patients, family, friends and businesses to come together to support the millions of Americans with chronic kidney disease. Thanks to the money raised through the walks, NKF is able to offer free health screenings for kidney disease, public and professional education programs, advocacy to make patients’ voices heard through legislative action, and a vital research program to identify new clinical treatments.

For more info. on how to get involved see

May 16, 2010, Kidney Walk, Franklin Park Zoo

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