May 28, 2009- "Save The Turtles" at Boston College Children's Center in Chestnut Hill, MA


I enjoyed teaching the “Save The Turtles” lesson plan with two classes, Explorers and Adventurers, at Boston College Children’s Center (BCCC).  This lesson plan is one of the outreach education programs that I will do in different schools in the fall.  I read books about sea turtles and saving the turtles to the kids.  They were very interested in learning about this topic and shared much information that they knew.  Furthermore, they were caring and enthusiastic in doing their part to help save the turtles and spread the message to others.  Kids can help keep the earth clean to keep animals safe and they can show kindness to all kinds of animals.  I organized and supervised, with teachers’ help, three turtle projects:  tissue paper collage, sand art, and step-by-step drawings.  The children made beautiful turtles and each was special and unique.  The artwork will be displayed at BCCC until the end of the school year. Afterwards, I will give the artwork to the National Marine Life Center (NMLC) to use to display at their fundraiser, the Mermaid Ball, to be held August 3, 2009 at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy at Buzzards Bay. The artwork will be saved after the event and displayed at the NMLC Discovery Center and the NMLC Hospital for stranded animals. Thanks to all the BCCC students who showed they cared about turtles and gave their creativity, energy and giving spirit to help a worthy cause! There will be a Catching Joy/NMLC Turtle Trek at Lieutenant’s Island in Wellfleet at Cape Cod scheduled in September. We invite young children and their families to join us on the turtle expedition to look for turtle hatchlings and help save the turtles!!! For more info. see

May 28, 2009- "Save The Turtles" at Boston College Children's Center in Chestnut Hill, MA

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